Pasture Raised Goats

  • Kiko/Boer cross doe and her Spanish cross kids

  • Marc is a gifted photographer

  • Boer goat with her morning miracle

Purchasing Options


I. Whole goat directly from the farm

  • Flat rate of $300 per animal at approximately 60 lbs live weight
  • Reserve a goat and get on the waiting list
  • Green Star arranges to have your animal slaughtered and delivered to a local butcher, at this point the customer takes over.

II. Farmers Market

  • Price per pound
  • Vacuum bagged and frozen (except when available fresh)
Cut Per Pound
Ground Goat $15
Rib Chops $17
Shoulder Chops $16
Sirloin Chops $17
Loin Chops $21
Denver Rack / Breast Plate $17
Cut Per Pound
Leg Steaks $18
Shanks $15
Bones $5
Whole Leg (pre-order) $16

Prices subject to change without notice

  • Benefits

    browser of invasive perennial weeds and canes

    friendly & fun animals (if good fence)

    require minimal outside inputs

    dairy goats produce byproducts that feed pigs

  • Methods

    born on the farm (closed herd)

    moved to fresh forage using electric fences

    raise heritage breeds

    meat breeds: Boer, Kiko, Spanish

    dairy breeds: Oberhasli, La Mancha, Saneen, Nubian

    crossing hybrids for vigor

  • Feed

    access to fresh pasture forage

    seasonal fruits and vegetables

    grass hay

    alfalfa and alfalfa haylage



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