grass fed lamb

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Purchasing Options

I. Whole or half lamb (on the hoof+butcher)
  • Reserve a lamb and get on the waiting list
  • $360 for an animal with a live weight of approximately 80 lbs
  • You decide with butcher how you want it cut & wrapped
  • Best value!

II. Farmers Market
  • Price per pound
  • Vacuum bagged and frozen (unless a few days post harvest)

Cut Per Pound
Ground Lamb $15
Rib Chops $17
Sirloin Chops $17
Loin Chops $18
Denver Rack / Breast Plate $16
Cut Per Pound
Shanks $12
Bones $5
Boneless Leg $16

Prices subject to change without notice

  • Benefits

    mow pastures to perfect chicken height

    builds topsoil organic matter


    require low outside inputs

  • Methods

    born on the farm/closed herd

    moved as much as possible to fresh growing grass

    raise hair sheep for flavor and vigor

    on the hoof option

  • Feed


    grass hay

    alfalfa and alfalfa haylage

    redmond salt blocks



Our hen houses are mobile and are moved to fresh pasture regularly. Really. 24 x 7 pasture access.


These hogs forage outdoors, rooting up the pasture in search of yummies and happily pigging around.


Grass fed heritage breed hair sheep produce outstanding mild flavored lamb.


Chickens raised on pasture free to roam outside 24 x 7 pasture access.


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