Our Farm

Green Star Farm is a 58 acre pasture based livestock farm in the heart of West Sonoma County. We produce pasture fed eggs, chicken, pork, lamb, and goat throughout the year. We move our animals frequently to new pastures so the forage component of their diet is frequently changed, which provides some variety thus improving quality. Waste products are more evenly distributed so soil microbes can process them. We'd like our products to compare to wild food as closely as economically possible. Impacts are moved around and spread out as fertilizers.

We cannot raise properly healthy animals in every category on forage alone. Where we do feed a commercial pellet or crumble, we have chosen certified organic soy-free feed. There are several reasons we've moved away from soy and we'd love to chat with you about it at the farmer's market. Food produced on our farm is Certified Naturally Grown. This has similar rules to organic certification about chemical use but adds a pasture requirement.

  • Pasture Pigs and Pumpkins

    Pasture Pigs and Pumpkins

    Pigs easing Green Star Farm home grown pumpkins. Photo Credit: Marc Felton

  • Curious ISA Brown Hens

    Curious ISA Brown Hens

    Curious ISA Brown Hens