What we do



Our hen houses are mobile and are moved to fresh pasture regularly. Really. 24 x 7 pasture access.


These hogs forage outdoors, rooting up the pasture in search of yummies and happily pigging around.


Grass fed heritage breed hair sheep produce outstanding mild flavored lamb.


Chickens raised on pasture free to roam outside 24 x 7 pasture access.


Foraging goats are an increasingly poorly kept secret. Try this trendy meat and find out why.


"So glad you and your crew are there providing us with the kind of eggs, chicken, and pork that was normal 100 years ago, but which now require Herculean effort to raise!"
Co-leader of the Sonoma County chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation

"As a professional butcher in the Bay Area, it is my mission to seek out pasture based farms that are transparent and dedicated to raising healthy, happy animals. Green Star Farm absolutely fulfills that niche. The integrity of their operation is directly reflected in the quality of their products. Thank you, Green Star Farm."
Lead Butcher-Thistle Meats Petaluma, CA

"Hi Sarah, Our family is really excited about enjoying more of your lamb...
Santa Rosa, CA

"Green Star Farm is the only chicken that we will serve at the restaurant. We know the passion and love that goes into every bird that we get the privilege of serving."
Chef Daniel
Backyard, Forestville

"Hi Sarah! The sausage was SO good-thank you!”
Sebastopol, CA

"I did not forget you; your pig check was mailed today. By the way, it's heavenly. Russ grilled some chops the other day and I couldn't get over how delicious they were. I asked him, "What did you PUT on these? They are so tasty!" He said, "Salt and pepper." My word. You are raising some magically delicious pigs out there."

"Farming done the right way. Way to go Green Star Farm!!!! No wonder your animals are so happy and your meat so tasty!"
Tiffani Beckman-McNeil
Backyard CSA

I love your chickens . . . best I have ever eaten. Between roasting and making soup from the skin, bones, neck, etc., I had good eats for 3 weeks . . . little fat and no waste. Keep up the good work.

I purchased one of your chickens on May 9. Although I usually cook chickens with olive oil, wine, herbs and lots of garlic, I decided to cook yours with no "additives" in order to better evaluate its quality. I have to say that it was the finest that I have ever tasted. Pastured poultry is the way to go!

I absolutely love your eggs....they're the best I've ever had.

Looking forward to our chicken for dinner tonight, and, yes, your chickens really are the BEST. You have me hooked! I had a chicken wing the other day at one of the local restaurants. I used to like them, but now it tasted like chicken that had been soaked in water before it was served to me. NO chicken flavor at all. I've found myself ordering vegetarian meals a lot recently at restaurants when I don't know where the meat comes from.