What we do



Our hen houses are mobile and are moved to fresh pasture regularly. Really. 24 x 7 pasture access.


These hogs forage outdoors, rooting up the pasture in search of yummies and happily pigging around.


Grass fed heritage breed hair sheep produce outstanding mild flavored lamb.


Chickens raised on pasture free to roam outside 24 x 7 pasture access.


Foraging goats are an increasingly poorly kept secret. Try this trendy meat and find out why.

Who We Are

If there's one food rule we think folks ought to practice as much as possible, it is to KNOW YOUR FARMER!


Farmer/Farm Manager Sarah Silva grew up in Sonoma County and has been around animals, raising and caring for them in some capacity all of her life. In 2007 Sarah decided to leave her job with NASA Education and Public Outreach to spend time with her family and her animals. In May of 2008 she started Silva Star Farms, and has been working non-stop ever since. In autumn 2011 Sarah along with all of Silva Star Farms joined forces with Felton Acres.  Today she is the farmer in charge and is wearing the many hats required to keep a farm and business moving forward. 



Marc Felton is the owner and Chief Farming Officer. My family includes my wife Mary and 3 kids: Jeremy (13), Madeline (11), and Nathaniel (8). Mary is the Chief Financial Officer of the farm and is very active in the community. Marc is a 3rd generation Californian who grew up in Monterey, CA. He had a decade long career in high tech in the Bay Area before moving to Sebastopol. He started this farm when the Sac River fall king salmon run dwindled to 5% of its usual population and his dream of operating a salmon charter fishing vessel evaporated. He hopes to help produce food that is similar in nutritional quality and depth of flavor to that most noble California resource: the wild king salmon.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Silva
    Farm Manager
  • Marc
    Marc Felton
    Chief Farming Officer