Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I see all of your products?

A: Products are displayed according to their pick up options. For example; if a product is not offered to be picked up weekly, then you will not be able to view that product when searching under weekly farm pick ups. Try changing pick up locations to see all product options.

Q: Checkout is showing the entire years share total, will I be charged the full amount if I place my order?

A: Short answer NO... Long answer - Charges for monthly installments will be processed one month before your share is picked up. Unless you have asked to be charged the entire year, quarterly, or every 6 months at check out in "special instructions" you will only be charged a deposit equal to one months share value when your order is placed. Subsequent monthly share charges will be made one month before your share is ready to be picked up. (after you pick up the previous months share.)

Q: What if I want to cancel? 

A: Cancellations or vacation holds may be made by simply emailing Sarah before the charges for each share is placed. See "Ordering Ends" under "location schedule" for cancellation cut off dates, cut off dates are 4 weeks before pick up dates. 

Q: What about pork, lamb, and goat bones?

A: All bones, offal, extra share parts, and fat will be offered to CSA members only via a secret link email to them directly within 2 weeks of each pick up date. From this webpage CSA members will have the opportunity to add any Green Star Farm products to their CSA box.

Q: Can I choose what cuts are in my share?

A: Unfortunately all animals are cut the same way and all shares are split equally. Each share will be the equivalent of one whole or one half animal standard cut and wrap and divided equally over 12 months. Whenever there are ever extra shares and all extra goodies will be made available by the pound and offered to purchase online to CSA Members only before pick up/shipping dates. (see above question)

Q: What if I am out of time the last week of the month and can not pick up my share?

A: All shares not picked up during designated pick up time and locations will be automatically shipped to your home address the following Tuesday. If you will be out of town both weeks, please notify Sarah in advance and she will hold your share for you until the following month. Only under special circumstances will shares be allowed to be picked up on days not designated as CSA pick up windows and arrangements must be made at least 1 week advance of distribution days.

Q: Can we still purchase meat from you directly?

A: CSA members only may purchase meat and offal a la cart from us. When we have extra available cuts we will send an email out to all members containing a link to web-store listing all of our available products for the following distribution. Members will have a limited time to purchase these items online and we will package them in their CSA share box at the distribution date following their purchase. Store Items may include products available from unsold chicken, pork, and lamb share, products from stew hens, sausage, extra offal and bones. 

Q: There is a planned PGE PSPS event and I don't want to lose my favorite pasture raised meats in the power outage, what can I do?

A: If ever a PSPS event is scheduled around the same time as a CSA distribution week GSF will happily retain your share in our large walk in freezer for you during the duration of the outage, we have adequate generator back up to keep it running through these power outages. A special pick up for all members affected will be scheduled once power is restored and if there are no threat of fires.

Q: Even a half pork or chicken share is too much for me, can I split them? 

A: Unfortunately there is northing smaller than a half pork or chicken share, however if you don't feel you can use 6-7 pounds of meat in one months time we suggested getting a CSA member buddy to share your share! See our Blog Post and post a comment ... ISO a buddy.

Q: Where do you slaughter your meat?

A: Starting in 2020 we will be traveling out of Sonoma County humanely slaughter all of our animals. All of our poultry will remain being processed and packaged at Squab Producers of California. Our pork will be slaughtered at Olsons Meats in Orland, CA. Our Sheep and Goats will go to Superior Meats in Dixon, CA. Our only other alternative is Redwood Meats in Eureka, CA. At this time we do not plan to slaughter at Redwood during 2020. 

Q: Where are your animals cut and wrapped?

A: See "Where do you slaughter your meat?" question on this page for details about slaughter. Once harvested at a California USDA humane slaughter house our carcasses are sent to a USDA inspected cut and wrap facility. At this time we use Lepe's Foods in Santa Rosa for all of our pork, goat, and lamb cut and wrap. Due to the changes in slaughter facilities and bottle necks at the cut and warp facilities we may occasionally have our preferred USDA Smoke House, Roundmans Smokehouse in Fort Bragg, CA cut and wrap our products and also Superior Meats in Dixon, CA has a limited USDA cut and wrap option for both goat and lamb.