Foraging Goats

Intensively grazed on open pastures and forages. No antibiotics, no drugs. GMO-Free.

Goat By the Pound

Ground Goat

$18.78/lb (1 Pound Ground Goat)
Sale Ground Goat

Goat Rib Chop

$22.78/lb (2 Goat Rib Chops)
Sale Goat Rib Chop

Goat Stew Meat

$18.78/lb (1 Pound Goat Stew Meat)
Sale Goat Stew Meat

Goat Loin Chops

$22.78/lb (2 Goat Loin Chops)
Sale Goat Loin Chops

Goat Bones

$5.59/lb (1-2 pound goat bones)
Sale Goat Bones

Goat Tongue

$12.00/lb (Goat Tongue)
Sale Goat Tongue

Goat Heart

$12.00/lb (1 Goat Heart)
Sale Goat Heart

Goat Liver

$12.00/lb (Goat liver)
Sale Goat Liver

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  • Best value for all of our pasture raised products; 15-25% discount
  • 10% off all a la carte items
  • Loyal customer perks - received $5 store credit for every 3rd month subscribed.
  • First priority is to fill shares, guaranteed each month.
  • Ethical, healthy, local, and reliable meat 

Subscription Options

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Available Every Other Month 
6 Months per year

February, April, May, July, September, November.

--- 3-4 pounds goat each month ---

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