Lamb Share - Quarterly Payments

Lamb Share - Quarterly Payments

---4 pounds lamb per month---
$7.00 savings
$156.00 $149.00
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Equivalent of 1.2 whole sheep per year spread over 12 months

This is about 3-4 pounds of various lamb cuts every month. 

1 whole share weights about 40 pounds. 

Full quarter payment due upon checkout. 
One share with shipping is $52 per month.

Customers doing self pick up will be reimbursed $3 per share for shipping costs once products are picked up.

Each month you will receive an equal share of a combination of lamb products totaling to approximately 4 pounds.

all offal such as liver package can be added on as extras.

Example month's share may look like: 

Month 1-

2 Loin Chop
2 Rib Chops
1# Ground Lamb
1# Stew Meat

By purchasing this share you agree to Green Star Farm llc charging your credit card on file one month before your scheduled pick up dates. Every quarter for 4 consecutive quarters.

Charges for shares will be made one month prior to the scheduled pick up/shipping date.

Additional Discounts for customers paying upfront:

Quarterly Payments $156 plus get 1 free shipment

Half Year Payment $311 plus get 2 free shipment

1 Year Share Payment of $621 in advance plus get 4 free shipments

If you would like us to charge your card in advance for more than 1 month please add this to "Special instructions" area at checkout.


Grass-fed and finished lamb