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Poultry A La Carte

Whole Chicken

$8.00/lb (4+ Pound Whole Chicken)
Sale Whole Chicken

Small Whole Chicken

$8.00/lb (2-3# Whole Chicken)
Sale Small Whole Chicken

Imperfect Whole Chicken

$6.69/lb (Whole Chicken)
Sale Imperfect Whole Chicken

Case of Chicken

$275.00/ea (This is a case of chicken ~ 38-40 pounds)
Sale Case of Chicken

Chicken Breast

$11.29/lb (2 whole Chicken Breast)
Sale Chicken Breast

Chicken Legs

$11.29/lb (2 whole Chicken legs)
Sale Chicken Legs

Chicken Wings

$8.89/lb (1 pounds chicken wings)
Sale Chicken Wings

Chicken Feet

$6.69/lb (1 pounds chicken feet)
Sale Chicken Feet

Chicken Bones

$6.69/lb (1 pound chicken backs)
Sale Chicken Bones

Chicken Liver

$11.29/lb (1 pounds chicken liver)
Sale Chicken Liver

Chicken Gizzard

$8.89/lb (1 pounds chicken gizzard)
Sale Chicken Gizzard

Pork A La Carte

Pork Chop

$15.99/lb (One pork chop)
Sale Pork Chop


$17.00/lb (One package sliced)
Sale Bacon

Sliced Deli Ham

$17.49/lb (One package sliced deli ham)
Sale Sliced Deli Ham

Small Football Hams

$17.00/lb (One Small Ham)
Sale Small Football Hams

Boneless Pork Picnic Roast

$15.99/lb (One Pork Roast)
Sale Boneless Pork Picnic Roast

Pork Tenderloin

$19.99/lb (One Pork Tenderloin)
Sale Pork Tenderloin

Ground Pork

$15.99/lb (One pound ground pork)
Sale Ground Pork

Pork Bones

$5.59/lb (One pound pork bones)
Sale Pork Bones

Pork Trotter

$14.00/lb (One pork foot)
Sale Pork Trotter

Pork Hocks - Unsmoked and skin on

$12.00/lb (One unsmoked pork hock)
Sale Pork Hocks - Unsmoked and skin on

Pork Fat

$3.39/lb (One pound pork fat)
Sale Pork Fat

Pork Liver

$12.00/lb (Sliced Pork liver)
Sale Pork Liver

Pork Heart

$12.99/lb (1 Whole pork Heart)
Sale Pork Heart

Pork Kidney

$5.00/ea (1 Whole pork Kidney)
Sale Pork Kidney


One Dozen Eggs

$10.00/ea (1 Dozen Eggs)
Sale One Dozen Eggs

Lamb A La Carte

Ground Lamb

$18.78/lb (1 Pound Ground Lamb)
Sale Ground Lamb

Lamb Stew Meat

$18.78/lb (1 PoundLamb Stew Meat)
Sale Lamb Stew Meat

Lamb Rib Chops

$22.78/lb (2 Lamb Rib Chops)
Sale Lamb Rib Chops

Lamb Loin Chops

$22.78/lb (2 Lamb Loin Chops)
Sale Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb Breast

$18.78/lb (1 Lamb breast)
Sale Lamb Breast

Lamb Bones

$5.59/lb (1-2 pound lamb bones)
Sale Lamb Bones

Lamb Heart

$12.00/lb (Whole Lamb Heart)
Sale Lamb Heart

Lamb Liver

$12.00/lb (Sliced lamb liver)
Sale Lamb Liver

Lamb Tongue

$12.00/lb (Whole Lamb Tongue)
Sale Lamb Tongue

Goat A La Carte

Ground Goat

$18.78/lb (1 Pound Ground Goat)
Sale Ground Goat

Goat Bones

$5.59/lb (1-2 pound goat bones)
Sale Goat Bones

Goat Tongue

$12.00/lb (Goat Tongue)
Sale Goat Tongue

Goat Heart

$12.00/lb (1 Goat Heart)
Sale Goat Heart

Goat Liver

$12.00/lb (Goat liver)
Sale Goat Liver
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