Half Hog

Half Hog

Reserve now with a deposit of $50 - final charge will be made after animal is weighed & harvested
$4.98/lb. Avg. 120lb .
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Reserve Half Hog Animal - Custom Cut & Wrapped

Half hogs are $4.98 per pound live weight (Whole Live Hog~225-275#)
Green Star Farm will arrange the slaughter and cover delivery fees to a local butcher shop
You select and choose all of your own cuts and work directly with the local butcher at Willowside Meats. You pay them directly for butchering costs.
The only local butcher we use is Willowside Meats

Here is the cut sheet for hogs from Willowside 

For more details about how much meat you will take home, we have found this .PDF "The butcher kept your meat?" from Penn State useful

Bulk buying 101: Whole animal, whole new you.https://www.goodmeatbreakdown....

If this is too much meat, we also sell smaller bulk animal pre-packaged options. Visit our online Shop for details

Please email questions to orders "@" greenstarfarm.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Pasture Raised - soy-free organic fed roaming pasture hogs.