Full Pork Share - $120/month share - Monthly Installments

Full Pork Share - $120/month share - Monthly Installments

---10-12 pounds of pork per share---
Sold Out

Equivalent of 1 whole hog per year spread over 12 months.
This is about 10-12 pounds of various pork cuts every month.
$120 deposit due upon check out
Deposit covers first share and holds your spot for the season.
One share with shipping is $120 per month.

1 whole hog weights about 120-130 pounds.
Customers doing self pick up will be reimbursed $13 per share for shipping costs once products are picked up.

Each month you will receive an equal share of a combination of pork products totaling to approximately 10 pounds of pork.
all offal such as liver package can be added on as extras.

Example month's share may look like: 

3 packs Pork Chops
2# Ground Pork
1 ham hock
2# Country Style Ribs
2# bacon
1/4 spare rib

3 packs Pork Chops
2# Ground Pork
1 ham hock 
1 PicNic Roast
2# Country Style Ribs
2# bacon


By purchasing this share you agree to Green Star Farm llc charging your credit card on file one month before your scheduled pick up dates. Every month for 12 consecutive months.

Charges for pork shares will be made one month prior to the scheduled pick up/shipping date.

A non refundable deposit equal to one months share will be charged at time of purchase to hold your share for the 2020 season.

Additional Discounts for customers paying upfront:

Quarterly Payments $358 plus get 1 free shipment

Half Year Payment $716 plus get 2 free shipment

1 Year Share Payment of $1432 in advance plus get 4 free shipments

If you would like us to charge your card in advance for more than 1 month please add this to "Special instructions" area at checkout.


Frozen pork raised outdoors on pasture, forage, fermented veggies, organic milk and supplemented with organic soy-free grain